Do you want to compassionately and faithfully approach the intersection of LDS faith and the LGBT community?

Understanding the difference between innate, immutable and essential identities can make a big difference in that effort!

In this 2-part discussion Jeff and host Brent Andrewsen discuss basic concepts of identity and self-awareness before Jeff expands on what can happen if we over-identify with our feelings (6:19).

Many times, making our trial our identity can make the problem worse. Jeff discusses how we how we can fix it (18:00), the sacrifices we need to make to discover our true identity (21:37), and how this applies to members of the church in an LGBTQ+ community (29:35).

In the second part of the two-part episode, Jeff clarifies that not subscribing to a gay label does not and should not mean going “back in the closet” (3:30).

He talks about the three aspects of the gay label (4:55), what they mean, and why they make it difficult to remain “all in” to the gospel.

Jeff shares his thoughts on dealing with unanswered questions (23:48), his testimony (24:50), and taking inspiration from Mormon to find hope in today’s world.

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