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Our podcast and videos address the most pressing cultural and social issues from a family proclamation perspective.
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Raising Family hosts David Steele and Linda Hill tackle the most pressing issues facing today’s families, from social and cultural questions to theology. The show airs every week wherever you get your podcasts:


Videos Related to the Family Proclamation

Do Labels Help or Hurt?

(1:02) What does giving ourselves labels have to do with elephants in India? How can we know which labels we should use to identify ourselves and others? What happens when we use trivial labels as our identity?

A Hero's Journey

(2:23) What if men came to recognize that they were actually slaying dragons and defending the innocentall without ever realizing it?

How to Make Conversations Less Confusing

(1:50) Have you ever been in a conversation that starts out fine, but then quickly heats up? Here is a common mistake people make when talking about hot-button topics with each other— and one tip to helping make it happen less. 

Gender in a Family: Does It Matter?

(4:53) The word “family” has evolved to take many forms today. Does it matter if kids have both a mom and a dad? Does someone’s gender really matter when it comes time to start a family? Are there inherent differences between men and women that go deeper than just “how we feel?”  

Trying to Fit In

(1:44) Is the arrangement of these shapes accidental or random? (Hint: it’s not called a “magic square” for nothing!). Imagine if the pentagon decided it wanted to be in the center, or if all the even numbers decided to be odd numbers. What would happen to the diagram? What can this teach us about the roles God has given us in life? What can this teach us about our relationships as men and women?



Social Engineering in Media (Andrew Young)

The Decline of Chastity, Moral Vocabulary & Aristotle (Danny Frost, PhD)

Identity and Labels (Blake Fisher)


Perry Mason, Gender Roles & The Family Proclamation (Brent Andrewsen)


Family Curriculum (Nathan & Jelaire Richardson)

Saints in Australia: Trials of Faith, Parental Roles, and Driving on the Wrong Side

Solemnly Proclaim, Reverence, and False Idols (Loren Marks, PhD)

Intentional Parenting: The Armor of God vs. Bubble Wrap (Amanda Davis)


Hello, My Name Is ... (Cameron Maddox)

Inmates, Divine Potential & Pepper (Jeff Carney)

Society Menaces, Potential & Parenthood (Logan Wilkes)

Millennials, Family Connection & Divine Purpose (Olivia Jewell)

Calamities, Blessings & the Equality Act (Brent Andrewsen)

Counterfeit Healing, Infertility & Empowerment (Angela Fallentine)

Unity, Cookies & 2x4’s (David Steele and Linda Hill)

Previous Episodes

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