Lehi’s dream shows that those who seek to follow the iron rod (the word of God) will encounter the opposition of the world. The occupants of the “great and spacious building” that Lehi saw were “mocking and pointing” the “finger of scorn” (1 Nephi 8:26–27, 33). We see this everywhere we go in our day with the teachings taught by prophets and apostles.

In fact, the iron rod and tree of life might symbolize the entire family proclamation. Every single line could be considered with Lehi’s dream in mind (see how the entire Family Proclamation has been annotated line by line here).

As President Nelson taught:

“Parents and children should realize that strong opposition will always come against the work and will of the Lord. Because the work (and glory) of God is to bring to pass our immortality and eternal life as a family, it logically follows that the work of the adversary will strike directly at the heart of the home—the family. Relentlessly Lucifer attacks the sanctity of life and the joy of parenthood. Because the evil one is ever at work, our vigilance cannot be relaxed—not even for a moment. Night and day, at home or away, we must shun sin and “hold fast that which is good.”

President Nelson also testified about heeding the family proclamation:

“If you will heed the proclamation on the family, brothers and sisters, you will be blessed.”

As we hold fast to these truths, our confusion in the midst of darkness will be changed to clarity and our capacity and desire to hear truths about the family will increase.

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