We’ve all made promises that, at times, we find difficult to keep. Similarly, we may have been disappointed by others who failed to honor their commitments, leading us to question the reliability of promises, including those made by God.

However, God’s promises remain steadfast.

This week’s lesson highlights the profound promise of “infinite atonement.” It assures us that we can conquer death and hell, offering the hope of spending eternity with our loved ones.

“The Family: A Proclamation to the World” is replete with guidelines for achieving happiness in this life and beyond, presenting promises that serve as directives. These promises outline a blueprint for joy, reminiscent of Jacob’s encouragement to “cheer up our hearts.”

The Proclamation’s promises include:

• Recognition of our divine nature and destiny.

• An understanding that our identity and purpose span premortal, mortal, and eternal existences.

• The prospect of advancing towards perfection, with the ultimate aim of fulfilling our divine potential as inheritors of eternal life.

• The continuation of family relationships beyond death.

• Assurance that we can return to God’s presence
and achieve eternal unity with our families.

Echoing Jacob’s words: “Great are the promises of the Lord!”

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