Could Peter’s story be your story?

This week we see just how much Peter changed. He was a fisherman. A disciple who, at times, was impetuous and imperfect, but full of faith and trying his best to be a disciple. He walked on water. He stood boldly by the Savior during His ministry. But He also denied Him three times and wept bitterly because of it.

But Peter learned from his shortcomings and allowed the Savior to change his weaknesses into remarkable strengths. In fact, the Bible Dictionary actually declares that “Peter was one of the greatest of men. It is true that the New Testament recounts some mortal weaknesses, but it also illustrates that he overcame them and was made strong by his faith in Jesus Christ. The Lord honored Peter by selecting him to hold the keys of the kingdom on earth, and it was upon the holy mount that Peter received these keys from the Savior, Moses, and Elias (Elijah). Peter was the chief Apostle of his day; and after the death, Resurrection, and Ascension of the Savior, it was Peter who called the Church together and acted in the office of his calling as the one who possessed the keys of the priesthood.”

Can we also change to become mighty like unto Peter? Can we some of our previously weak testimonies of certain gospel doctrines become strong? Can we become unshakable and grounded in our testimonies of “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” when we have questioned or not fully understood its doctrines?

Peter’s story can be our story.

If he can go from denying the Christ to becoming one of the greatest men on earth, if the Savior chose him to hold the keys of the kingdom and be the rock upon which the gospel was to be taken to all the earth, then we can change. Our weaknesses in doctrine CAN become strong like unto Peter.

Christ and His gospel can change people—including you—into the valiant disciples God knows they can be.

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