📜 In Alma 9, we read about the prophet Alma calling the people to repentance. Their reaction? Anger and resistance. But despite their hostility, Alma stood firm and undeterred. He boldly reminded them that those who sin after receiving light are in a worse state than those who sin in ignorance.

📖 Today, when we share vital truths—like those found in the Family Proclamation—we might face similar reactions, even from fellow believers. Disagreements can arise, and deceivers might exploit these to challenge core doctrines, just as Zeezrom did in Alma’s time, questioning even the most fundamental truths of salvation.

💡 It can be disheartening when the truths we hold dear are contested. But like Alma, let’s find the courage to stand firm in upholding and by living these truths, share them with others in ways that will light the path for others, even in the face of opposition. 

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