The life of Abinadi was one of courage and character, as shown by his willingness to offer his life rather than to deny the truth.

Not all acts of courage bring spectacular or immediate results, and yet all of them do bring peace of mind and a knowledge that right and truth have been defended.

We will not likely be asked to sacrifice our physical lives for the truth. But the Savior will call upon us to live for Him. To stand by Him and His doctrine on the family. If you haven’t had the opportunity recently, you will soon.

But here’s the neat thing about courage and standing by the Savior by lovingly testifying of His doctrine: It actually gets a little easier each time you do it. You become stronger and feel His help and power grow.

It is a sacred privilege to stand by the Savior, and He loves us for it. When we stand by Him and His doctrine we are never alone. Even if we may be physically alone, we are never truly alone. He will stand by us as we stand by Him.

Living and loving the doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ are worthy of sacrifice and courage like that of Abinadi.

Living and loving the doctrine of the family, making temple covenants, and living a chaste life (as taught in the Family Proclamation) bring unimaginable blessings and protection into our lives, and are worth whatever sacrifice it takes.

Elder Richard G. Maynes once said, “The Lord wants you to succeed, and He will help you. He will help you and support you and sustain you if you are true to His plan. If you stay close to Him on a daily basis, He will stay close to you, and you will reap untold blessings in every aspect of your life, especially the most important: the spiritual.”

Art: Anita Hart-Carroll

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