Every book of scripture confirms every one of us are spirit sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. In fact, “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” tells us we are each “beloved” sons and daughters with “divine potential.”

Sin and a fallen world leave us sometimes feeling estranged from our heavenly home and family, but in Luke (3:4-5) we learn that doesn’t have to be a permanent state.

In a world that tries to affirm behavior we know to be against God’s will for His children, is there room to teach and learn about repentance and change? So often we endorse ideas like, “I’m perfect just like I am.” Although that sentiment may be used to uplift us in our potential, if taken literally, it can actually hinder our growth and our ability to feel close to heaven.

President Nelson encourages us with the truthful reality that as loved and filled with potential as each of us are, all of us can “do better, and be better.” And although the “forces of evil have never raged more forcefully than they do today,” the Lord does not require perfection just that we choose Him, choose repentance, choose change.

“When we choose to repent, we choose to change! We allow the Savior to transform us into the best version of ourselves.” (President Nelson, 2019)

A version that is reaching for that divine potential.

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