Life’s trials were never meant for solitary navigation. In a covenant belonging, Elder Gerrit Gong explains that we discover the strength of community, echoing the joyous welcome Mosiah extended to those who gathered to his land and people.

Central to a covenant belonging is a shared purpose, rooted in faith and commitment to divine principles. Just as The Family: A Proclamation to the World outlines the sacred importance of family, we recognize families as critically important settings for learning and practicing this covenant of belonging.

In a world often consumed by individualism, our faith teaches us the power of communal bonds.

Our families, guided by the principles of the proclamation and restored doctrine, serve as beacons of true belonging, where love, respect, and unity in Christ reign supreme.

How can we help create belonging in our homes and within our wider faith communities – where every soul feels cherished, understood, embraced and most important, led to Christ?

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