We learn grace by grace, step by step. Just like the early saints, the Lord will give us light to “grow in grace and in the knowledge of the truth” (Doctrine & Covenants 50:40). There is an order to understanding the “order of heaven”.

For instance, Lehman Copley learned, among other things, that marriage between man and woman is essential to God’s plan. But before that truth is shared, the Lord instructs that Lehman 1) believe in Christ, 2) repent, 3) make covenants through baptism, and then 4) receive the Holy Ghost as a companion and comforter. Having done those things in order, he is then taught the truths of marriage and other important doctrine.

Sometimes, when we personally struggle to accept or understand certain teachings, perhaps we can consider if we are taking care of things, in order, in our own lives:

1) Is our knowledge and belief in our Savior secure? Do we understand His love and His desires in wanting the best for us? Do we value His sacrifices for us? Then,

2) is there something of which we need to repent? Do we know how and why we repent?

3) Have we renewed and reviewed our baptismal covenants? Are we trying to live with integrity to the covenants we’ve made?

4) In what ways are we helping the Holy Ghost to be comfortable and present with us?

As we examine our readiness to learn in the order of our personal lives, we can learn line upon, grace by grace and be blessed with the light of the gospel to continually light our path.

May 10-16, Doctrine & Covenants 49-50

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