Are you concerned about expressing love to others? Do you worry about those on the fringes and desire to convey a sense of belonging to them?

When President Nelson urged us to be peacemakers in April 2023, he taught, “One of the easiest ways to identify a true follower of Jesus Christ is by observing how compassionately that person treats others.”

Love is a fruit of the gospel.

Because of how important love is, sometimes it can be confused as the whole of the gospel.

Love is a fruit of the gospel,
not the entirety of it.

This week’s lesson delves into God’s love for us. It teaches that the ultimate expression and evidence of that love is His son, Jesus Christ.

So, when we ask, “How can I best show love to others?” the answer always is, “Through Jesus Christ.” Which encompasses all of His teachings and the fullness of His restored gospel.

An essential arena to cultivate and demonstrate love is within our families. “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” underscores the significance of families as a place where we can “… teach them to love and serve one another, [and] observe the commandments of God…”

Love is a fruit of the gospel. In its fullness it includes Jesus Christ and all that He offers us.

How do you show Christ’s love?

Art: Annie Henrie

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