In this week’s lesson we learn that Luke, as a gentile, traveled with the Apostle Paul and recorded events of the Savior’s life for a non-Jewish audience and perspective.

Like then, today there are many who do not share our faith but acknowledge and publish truths about matters of great importance to us as Latter-day Saints, one being an understanding of the crucial nature and influence of the family.

At you will find scholarly study and social science that supports every sentence of “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.” A chorus of witnesses can be found, when we seek to strengthen our testimonies of eternal truths. The first week’s lesson reminded us that “we progress in our discipleship as we identify what we lack, make changes, and seek to more fully follow” Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

And Elder Bednar has taught the best place for that to happen is in our homes. He said. “… our homes are the ultimate setting for learning, living, and becoming.” We look forward to learning this new year, in the New Testament and together finding the importance of home and family there.

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