All About Families: Lesson Plans for Everyone

We’re excited to announce our new “All About Families” open-and-go lesson plans! They’re the perfect resource for parents, Sunday school teachers, missionaries, seminary teachers, and more. Based on our current research of Latter-day Saint young single adults, the lessons are catered to the areas of the family proclamation which we found participants struggled with the most, along with the doctrines they least understood. We hope these lessons help you teach these important doctrines and principles in a way that is engaging, inspiring, and meaningful.

Each lesson can be completed in about 20 minutes and can be a standalone lesson or taught together and don’t need to be taught in any order. These lessons incorporate videos, simple object lessons, quotes, worksheets, journaling, and discussion questions to help strengthen testimonies of Jesus Christ and of the principles taught in the family proclamation. Though the lessons include prompts and scripts, these are only suggestions. The Spirit may guide you to focus more on one aspect of the lesson, or veer from the lesson script entirely, and that is expected. These prompts are simply provided to provide a framework for parents and teachers to start from.

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These plans address some of the most important topics of our day, and we hope you find them helpful for your family and ministry. Visit our Lessons Page to view the full curriculum, unique videos, and stories. Here is a sampling of what you can expect from our talented curriculum and media team:

Visit our new videos and lessons plans today and bring “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” into your (and others) world today.

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