Our guest in this episode is Jenet Erickson, a Fellow at the Wheatley Institute and Associate Professor of Religious Education at BYU whose research has specialized in maternal and child wellbeing.  Join us as we discuss the different, yet sacred roles of both mothers and fathers.

Jenet shares how children develop emotionally and physically by bonding with both a mother and father as well as the areas of identity that are developed by each parent. (10:59).  She describes how facing the challenges we all face as imperfect individuals raised in imperfect families can help us respond, help and heal not only our hearts, but others’ as well (20:35).  Jenet goes on to explore how the “resilience” of children can be a strength to their own development, but also a detriment if it is used as an excuse to deny the struggles they are experiencing (26:06).  She also explains how the best way for all of us to find joy and happiness in life is by encouraging the development of strong relationships within our families and our society (35:36).

Listen to this fantastic episode here.

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