When Jaime first heard about prophets and apostles being on the earth today, she immediately felt it was true. She also found that The Family: A Proclamation to the World” was not only central to happiness in her family life, but also central to modern-day revelation.

They told me there were living prophets and apostles on the earth today. I knew that was right, why wouldn’t it be? Hello! There were prophets and apostles in the Bible! After my 3rd learning discussion, the sister missionaries invited me to a sports night at the church in Coventry. That’s when I met all the Elders. The next day they invited me for breakfast at a member’s home. We played basketball then went street contacting and handed out as many copies of the Book of Mormon as we could (I always won!) I had not even read the Book of Mormon yet, but I knew that what they were teaching me was true. I thought I better read the Book of Mormon, so I did that week.

I went to General Conference the next Sunday at the Stake Centre, as President Hinckley spoke (“My Testimony” April 2000), I said to myself, “He is a prophet! I can’t deny it and I’m getting baptized next week.” And that’s exactly what I did. It was one of my new Elder friends that baptized me. As the years have passed we’ve been able go back to England so Kris can repeat that process with both our daughter and son in the same baptismal font where he baptized me (pretty cool).

We love to travel as a family. You know how when you’re on a plane, and it’s going to crash, the oxygen mask drops down and you need to be sure you have your own oxygen before you can then help others? I couldn’t truly help others until I knew the gospel of Jesus Christ. My conversion journey taught me to read and study and pray until I receive a witness that the things I am studying are in fact from Jesus Christ and are gospel truth. That’s what I did with “The Family: a Proclamation to the World” too. I found so much goodness and so much to love the more I studied it.

One of my favorite parts says, Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved upon the teachings of Jesus Christ.” How true that is! When my family is maybe not being so diligent in our family scripture study or family prayer I notice a huge difference in how we’re getting on and in the love we feel in our home. When we make sure that Jesus Christ is truly the center and He is that foundation in our family we all have such unity. Just like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost have that unity. When we have that unity with them there are still trials, things still happen, there are still issues and problems and hardships, but it’s different because the Spirit is there and comforts, leads, and guides us. That’s something I solemnly declare. As we build our own testimonies and look after our own salvation we can then help our spouses, our children, and our extended family when we have that sure foundation. The littlest grain of faith and growing sure knowledge allows us to help others. I know this to be true!

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