Week 10: Doctrine & Covenants 20-21

On April 6, 1830, more than 40 believers crowded into the Whitmer family’s log home in Fayette, New York, to witness the organization of the Church of Jesus Christ. They didn’t gather in a big cathedral. Or community center. Or even an outdoor amphitheater. They gathered in a home. Doesn’t that just tell us so much about the sanctity of home.

This year, as chapels have been less accessible, temples even closed, homes have been the gathering places for sacred weekly sacraments and for many, a refuge from the world that have felt as peaceful as the temple at times. Home can be a haven … and heaven on earth. It’s where the church was first organized, and where it’s most important work is still done today.

March 1–7. Doctrine and Covenants 20–22: “The Rise of the Church of Christ”

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