This week’s lesson teaches, among other things, about the principle of chastity. It’s a topic that can sometimes feel difficult to talk about. One that much of the world mocks and treats with irreverence. In verse 63:64 God asks that we “Remember that that which cometh from above is ​​​sacred​, and must be ​​​spoken​ with care, and by constraint of the Spirit; …” So it’s understandable if it isn’t easy to teach with a simple hash tag or tweet. Sacred things need to be spoken with care and in the right spirit. In private conversations, in personal ministering, and within our stewardships we can share the blessings that accompany a chaste life.

“Now is the time to actively and enthusiastically seek, teach, and live by truth. It has always been important not only to teach but to defend truth, and in our time that need seems to be growing.” 
(Elder D. Todd Christofferson, “Now is the Time to Defend Truth”)

Week 23: “That Which Cometh from Above Is Sacred” Doctrine & Covenants 63

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