Many admonitions were given by the Lord in the sections included in this week’s Come Follow Me lesson. (D&C 81-83) Among them were:

“strengthen the feeble knees”
“bind yourselves by this covenant”
“improve upon his [or her] talent”
“every man seeking the interest of his neighbor”
“leave judgement alone with me”
“unto whom much is given much is required”
“forgive one another your trespasses”
“doing all things with an eye single to the glory of God”

And every one of them can be practiced within the walls of our own homes.

President Nelson has said, “The home is the laboratory of love, and in it resides the most important unit of the Church and of society—the family.”

“ … the final responsibility to prepare for salvation and exaltation rests upon each person, accountable for individual agency, acting in one’s own family, bearing another sacred title of mother, father, daughter, son, grandmother, or grandfather.
In those responsible roles, may we go forward in faith, led by Jesus Christ …” (President Russell M. Nelson | Salvation and Exaltation | May 2008 Ensign)

Week 29: Doctrine and Covenants 81-83

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