“And now a commandment … if you will be delivered … set in order your own house.”

With so much happening around us, much that we seemingly can do so little about, this commandment (D&C 93:43,50) is timely and empowering.

“… set in order [our] family; and see that they are more diligent and concerned at home, and pray always …”

This week’s lesson also discusses truth, what it is and how we find it. When presented with ideas and philosophies that make us wonder what is true, start in our own homes, asking: “Where does this lead?”

“In other words, I’m not sure whether narrative x or y is the truth, but if I follow narrative x where it goes, what do I see? Do its adherents have strong gospel convictions? Are they experiencing the gifts of the Spirit? Do they love their covenants? Do they love the people around them at church, even the difficult personalities?

Do they have God’s law written on their hearts? Are they in constant conflict with God’s ordained servants? Are they at peace, or are they constantly lashing out in anger and frustration toward the church? Are they settled spiritually, or restless and frantic? I guess it’s more or less applying the prophetic standard “by their fruits ye shall know them” to ideas and narratives.”

Author Dan Ellsworth

We can know truth. We can know it as we put our own homes in order. Verse 28 promises that “He that keepeth his commandments receiveth truth and light, until he is glorified in truth and knoweth all things.”

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