The Lord instructed how to build, in this case, temples. But these instructions can apply to building a home, a family, and a person as well. We can build our lives “not after the manner of the world” (95:13) but after the way the Lord has designed. What are some of the ways we learned about in this week’s lesson?

We notice buildings are consecrated for different purposes. (94:3) With that as a guide, we could examine the purpose of our homes. Is the counsel the same? We can also consider what the purpose of you and I being created? What are we made for? And, looking at things through the “family lens” what is the purpose of a family?

Think about some of the counsel given in consideration of building:

It needs to be dedicated unto the Lord (94:6)
Built according to a pattern given by the Lord (94:6)
It should be holy, undefiled (94:12, 97:15)
All the pure in heart that enter will see God (97:16).

“Pure in heart” is also called Zion. A reminder in the midst of difficult times, for those pure and tender-hearted whose faithfulness is challenged as unkindness, as it often is these days:

“… Zion is more than kindness; Zion is righteousness and purity. Zion is more than unity; Zion is a collective worthiness to see God.”

Cassandra Hedelius,

These principles have been taught to us again in these week’s lesson, “… it is my will that a house should be built … unto the pattern which I have given you.” (97:10)

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