It’s easy to see how the family fits in to this week’s Come Follow Me lesson as we learn of forever families and eternal marriage. The principles discussed correlate with doctrine in “The Family: A Proclamation to the World”. What might not feel so easy, is understanding the exceptions.

For example, perhaps the idea of a forever family if yours brings pain. Or maybe the concept of eternal marriage, when marriage doesn’t feel like an option. We look for exceptions that ease the dissonance, and this week’s lesson takes one head on, plural marriage. In studying plural marriage, what can we learn that might apply to our own desired exception?

Joseph wasn’t asking for the exception. He wasn’t petitioning God for another wife. Or for example, neither did Nephi when he killed Laban (seemingly another “exception”) They were both living according to the law that had been given, and therefore had the spirit as a constant, holy guide. As a result, when God commanded an exception, they were able to Hear Him. They were practiced in obeying and following Him and His laws. They weren’t looking for a loophole.

We can ask:
“Am I petitioning the Lord against His law?”
“Am I trying to live His law?”
“Do I know Him, hear Him?”
“Do I graciously receive law as given through His holy ancient and modern-day prophets?”

God created this world, and He is in charge of it. His laws are given as gifts as our best chance for happiness in this life and more. He invites us to receive it, doing so is our choice. If we find ourselves looking for exceptions, do we want them from the promises and blessings … or just the laws they are based on? “This is ​​​eternal lives​—to ​​​know​ the only wise and true God, and Jesus Christ, whom he hath ​​​sent​. I am he. Receive ye, therefore, my law.” (D&C 132:24)

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