The restored gospel can be difficult to share with the world around us as a soundbite or hashtag. But the Articles of Faith might come close. Our culture offers 30 second “life hacks” and “six easy steps to success” for everything. This week’s Come Follow Me lesson, among other things, explores the Articles of Faith, these “simple, straightforward, and profound ways” to declare “core beliefs.” They remind us we belong to “a “true and living church” (D&C 1:30), with a true and living prophet.”

Similar to the Articles of Faith, profound truths are taught in simple, straightforward and clarifying ways within “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.”

They both teach us similar themes like the nature of God and our eternal relationships, the purpose and sacredness of mortal life, roles and accountabilities associated, and ways to conduct our lives that bring us the best chance at joy (in this life and the next). For being simple and straightforward they are packed with a lot.

A loving Heavenly Father offers us many ways to learn His truths.

And with so many ways to learn and discover these truths, a wise and compassionate prophet has recently reminded us, “Contrary to the doubts of some, there really is such a thing as right and wrong … There really is absolute truth — eternal truth.”

What a comfort to know with all that shifts and changes around us, these eternal truths stay the same.

art: nicole xu

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