Enoch’s people were “of one heart and one mind.” Do you ever wonder if we could do that? What can we unite around to be “of one heart and one mind”?

Perhaps the truths that prophets have “solemnly proclaimed” in “The Family: A Proclamation to the World”:

Our need for a Savior: and
Our relationship to God.

These truths are not socially constructed, politically motivated or man-made. They are eternal, existing since the beginning of time. Not all know or understand them, but we can find comfort that each of God’s children will be brought to our knees in a knowledge of Christ, eternal life through Him and hope of exaltation through our covenants.

Enoch foresaw our day and saw hope for us.

“But before that day he saw great tribulations among the wicked; and he also saw the sea, that it was troubled, and men’s hearts failing them, looking forth with fear for the judgments of the Almighty God, which should come upon the wicked.” (Mos 7:66)

At first this verse might not seem one of hope. But a phrase that gives understanding through fear and testifies to the importance of unifying in Christ. “… that day he saw great tribulations among the wicked.”

The word tribulation: “cause of great trouble or suffering.” 

Also notice the word among: “surrounded by, in the company of, being a member of.”

So this verse might read: “In that day he saw ‘the cause of great suffering’ ‘surrounded by, in the company of, or being a member of’ the wicked.” 

This seems then to imply the wicked will actually be the cause for the wicked to suffer.

We can have a lot of hope for the exciting advancements in store for those who keep company, and unify with the righteous. Of course there will be suffering, but on the whole, everyone has great capacity to do great good.

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