This episode pairs well with our 2021 Research Release.


Does wholesome recreation actually lead to greater happiness in family life? Dr. Brian Hill, professor of Experience Design at Brigham Young University, discusses the science behind successful family traditions and rituals and why they are essential for strong families. Though the holidays will look different this year, consistent and meaningful traditions are still one of our greatest tools in uniting families.


Tune in to learn about the core and balance model of family recreation (3:20), the elements of a good tradition (8:02), and how God has set a divine example of family rituals (19:42). Strong family traditions and rituals help kids to feel safe, connected, and give us a sense of identity.


“As you think about the way that God teaches His children, you can see that He uses family rituals often… If God uses rituals to be closer to us, He must be anxious to get these outcomes in His eternal family.”

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