This episode pairs well with our 2021 Research Release.


Angela Fallentine, co-founder of, discusses her time advocating for the family at the United Nations (3:55), annotating the family proclamation and creating the website (6:53), her experiences with infertility (9:50), and choosing to not take that on as part of her identity. “So many times when we’re feeling a hole in our hearts, especially with infertility, we try to fill it with the world and it doesn’t fit. We try to fill it with feminism, post-modern relativism, secular ideologies, activism… it’s never sustainable and it’s never full empowerment. He is the only one who can fill those holes.” (16:42)

Angela has found that connecting your pain to your identity is disempowering. “I know it may seem so ironic … defending the very thing (family/children) most say I lack, … the thing that by all means causes pain. And yet, my answer to that is, it’s eternal truth and eternal truth doesn’t change because of our circumstances. Truth is truth … it doesn’t change the doctrine and it doesn’t change the beauty of eternal families.” (10:50)

Tune in for more ideas on what we can do to build bridges in the church, even when we don’t come from the ideal family.

“It’s surely easier to say it’s the church that should change… but minimizing or silencing the most crucial part of Heavenly Father’s plan, which is to be a mother or father in an eternal family, isn’t how Heavenly Father would want us to work out our personal trials. And so we can’t minimize [these] things, we need to magnify them. We need more defenders, more people who love fatherhood and motherhood and the family.

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