This episode pairs well with our 2021 Research Release.


The call for unity from leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has been heard with increasing frequency and urgency. In this episode, hosts David and Linda discuss the recent political discord and contention they’ve seen in their own social circles (3:15), the question “what do we unite around?” (4:16), and how lessons on unity are best taught in the home. They brainstorm ways to love those who think differently from us (8:26), before coming to the conclusion that kindness alone will fall short in our efforts to unify. Our love for others must be coupled with the first great commandment — to love God.

“Some, in their efforts to love others, feel it necessary to abandon the teachings and commandments of God or to advocate for a change of His doctrine. But to love God is to accept His teachings, commandments, and doctrine… Please guard against this increasingly popular and potentially spiritually fatal deception by remembering that sometimes the best way to love your neighbor is actually to advocate and stand for the teachings of the Master.” Scott D. Whiting

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