This episode pairs well with our 2021 Research Release.


The Family Proclamation warns that the disintegration of the family will bring calamities upon individuals, communities, and nations. Brent Andrewsen, lawyer and Chairman of the Board at Kirton McKonkie, joins the podcast again to discuss this warning and how The Equality Act may affect the family (8:57). Brent proposes that the law is a teacher for the people living it (16:30), and hosts David and Linda join in to discuss why we can still have hope and control in our families regardless of where we live or the calamities that may come (22:00).

“The law is a teacher. I think the unintended consequence of pushing these laws is that we teach there are no differences between men and women. (16:30) We all know stealing is bad—it’s the rule and the law. If we pass laws that don’t promote the family as the central unit of society, that’s what we’re teaching, and we’ll start seeing things fall apart.” (18:10)

“Calamities can come upon nations or individuals, but the reverse is also true. The country you live in or the community you live in doesn’t have to perfectly subscribe to these ideals for you to have an excellent family life. Sure it may be harder, but I think blessings can come upon individuals and communities as much as the calamities… there is a lot of hope, and there are things we can do to make sure our families are strong.”

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