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The Family Proclamation tells us that parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness. But with the world pulling us in so many directions, it can be easy to let that sacred duty slip down our priority list. Amanda Davis, mother and family advocate at the United Nations, joins the podcast to discuss the forces at play against the family and how to be more intentional with our parenting

“There are no perfect parents and no easy answers, but there are principles of truth that we can rely on.”—Elder Larry R. Lawrence, “Courageous Parenting”

During Amanda’s time at the UN, her eyes were opened to the calculated efforts that are being made to undermine the family and the roles of fathers and mothers. Deciding that she couldn’t let her children go into the world unprepared, she and her husband made a few drastic changes to the way they parented. Tune in to hear some of Amanda’s suggestions on how to be an intentional parent (12:50), discussion on the sacrifices parents make (28:00), and how to begin down the path of intentional parenting (39:04).

“I like to think I’m a strong mom–but I’m not strong enough to combat everything for them. They have to be armed and able to do this on their own and rely on the one source that can always help them and guide them.”


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