This episode pairs well with our 2021 Research Release.


What’s the impact of what we call ourselves – and allow others to name us as well? Listen in to our guest Cameron Maddox as he explains how he thinks everyone is trying to put a label onto someone else … whether it’s true or not (20:30). We discuss how our perspective can change based on these labels and if they can pull us away from our main identity (21:20). Should we challenge popular labels, is there any point in trying (23:45)?

“Is our heavenly parentage our first and most profound identity? Here on earth, we identify ourselves in many different ways, including our place of birth, our nationality, and our language. Some even identify themselves by their occupation or their hobby. These earthly identities are not wrong unless they supersede or interfere with our eternal identity—that of being a son or a daughter of God. … In today’s world, no matter where we live and no matter what our circumstances are, it is essential that our preeminent identity is as a child of God.”
Elder Donald L. Hallstrom, “I Am a Child of God,” General Conference, April 2016.

“I’m no psychologist but I know that if you’re called a loser every day of your life by the ones that you love, who knows really what that has done deep down?” Cameron Maddox (12:55)

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