This episode pairs well with our 2021 Research Release.


What is your divine purpose on earth? Olivia Jewell, creator of the 21 Day Family Connection experiment, joins the podcast to discuss how she found her own divine purpose and how the Family Connection experiment began. 

Like many others, Olivia was brought down by the Covid-19 pandemic and found herself feeling disconnected and depressed. One night she felt prompted to do three things: Complete Sister Nelson’s 21 day family history challenge, invite her friends to do it as well, and then measure the psychological benefits from participating in the challenge. Less than two weeks later, was launched.  To Olivia and her team’s astonishment, over 5500 people participated in the initial launch. (8:30) Tune in to hear more about the experiment, and how Olivia found the courage to follow through on those late night promptings even when she faced obstacles. 

To those who are searching for their own divine mission on earth, Olivia says “Desire to build the kingdom of God, and He’ll give you opportunities.” (27:30)

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