This episode pairs well with our 2021 Research Release.


Logan Wilkes remembers what it was like to be a 30 year-old, unmarried “menace to society” and shares what NOT to say to those in the dating phase. “Too often we want to preach at people the importance of marriage and the importance of [parenthood], when it’s their individual journey we should be focused on.” (22:25)

Logan relates the good (and bad!) advice he received on dating and marriage, tips for YSA bishoprics (14:17), how to be an involved dad (25:15), and how to avoid the trap of “I’ll just get married and everything will be better” (31:40).

“In the church we often use fear and obligation as a teaching tactic… but we need to tap into the ‘why’ and not just [the obligation]… We get so fixated on ‘at 8 I get baptized, at 12 I get the priesthood, at 19 I go on a mission, at 22 I get married. We’re so fixated on a certain path. I don’t think Heavenly Father cares about ages, I just think he cares that we do it.” (16:21)

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