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When Michelle Pollard moved from Australia to the US a few months ahead of her husband Steve, they had no idea that a pandemic was about to change a planned few months away into nearly a year and a half of separation. Michelle and Steve look back on that time and discuss what it was like for Michelle to raise their two teenage sons without Steve, and what it was like for Steve to be the sole grandparent back in Australia. On this episode about roles in the family, we also learn lessons about trials of faith—and that the right road is sometimes the hardest.

Michelle and Steve tell their story (4:15) and give advice to couples who are separated (6:43). After discussing what they learned about themselves and each other (23:00), they talk about the potential we can discover within ourselves when under heavy burdens (29:50).

“When you fall off a cliff, the Lord will either catch you or teach you to fly.”

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