This episode pairs well with paragraph 9 of the Family Proclamation.


The Family Proclamation “calls upon responsible citizens… everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family.” Andrew Young joins the podcast to share his experience as a DreamWorks animator and how he was forced to decide between answering the call to strengthen the family or keep his job.

Andrew begins by explaining what social engineering is (6:14). He gives some background on his career and then tells the story of his time at DreamWorks, starting with when he got his job (12:10) and began working on Mr. Peabody and Sherman (17:59). When Andrew discovered the actual motivations for making the movie (19:14) he decided to leave the company (26:44) which resulted in him learning how deliberately movie studios work against family and religious groups (29:52).

He goes into more detail about how animation studios create their villains (31:01) and now we have power over the content being produced (36:31). “You will perpetuate what you consume and pay for.”

Andrew gives advice on how to seek good media and correct false messages from the bad media (53:20).

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