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Jeff Bennion is a real estate and property manager, a part time marriage and family therapist, and one of the co-founders of North Star International. In this second part of Jeff’s two-part episode, he clarifies that not subscribing to a gay label does not and should not mean going “back in the closet” (3:30). He talks about the three aspects of the gay label (4:55), what they mean, and why they make it difficult to remain “all in” to the gospel. 

Jeff shares his thoughts on dealing with unanswered questions (23:48), his testimony (24:50), and taking inspiration from Mormon to find hope in today’s world (30:16).

“We have enough to get us back to Heavenly Father and Jesus. We know enough to get us there. Sometimes our focus on what we don’t know can distract us from what we do know…. What we’ve been given [on earth] through the Lord’s prophets and apostles and scriptures are the covenants and laws that will get us back into those loving arms we were once in.”

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