See paragraph 9 of the Family Proclamation.


Elder Neil L. Andersen once said that “spiritually defining memories from our book of life are like luminous stones that help brighten the road ahead.” How do spiritually defining memories act like luminous stones and what can we do to make sure we have them in times of need? Professional storyteller Teresa Clark joins the podcast today to discuss stories and why they matter. 

Clark gives some background about how she came to the storytelling profession (1:15) before discussing the “Stories of How I Know” lesson outline found on (4:40). Stories can effect our lives in a broad sense by keeping our families together (7:30) but also on a deep personal level by helping us during hard times. Clark shares a personal story about how her childhood journal entries “reconverted herself” (11:50).

Tune in for some advice on how to write or improve the writing of your personal stories (17:43) and what to do when you feel like you don’t have anything special to write down (21:00). Clark finishes by telling a story of “how she knows” (31:40).

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